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ELIM Theological Institute

Elim Theological Institute is a donor-supported seminary-level Bible school in Siaya County, Kenya, that offers a three-year program with a one and two-year certificate and three-year diploma courses.

Their commitment to the historic orthodox Christian faith is solidified.

Through rigorous biblical study and theological training, pastors deepen their understanding and conviction of core Christian doctrines. This solid foundation in orthodox beliefs equips them to confidently teach, preach, and defend the faith in their communities, countering false teachings and cultural pressures that may compromise biblical truth.

They can effectively share and defend their faith in love.

Graduates of ELIM are equipped with the knowledge and skills to articulate their faith clearly and compassionately, even in challenging conversations. This empowers them to address difficult questions and objections with grace, speaking truth that liberates while maintaining a spirit of love and respect for those they encounter.

Secure in their identity in Christ, they lead, preach, and live as servant leaders. 

Secure in their identity as beloved children of God, empowered Pastors lead with confidence and humility. This Christ-centered security enables them to embody servant leadership in their ministries, inspiring and guiding their congregations without resorting to domineering or controlling behaviors.

They lead powerfully growing churches that significantly impact their village, city and nation.

ELIM graduates are equipped with the biblical knowledge, leadership skills, and practical tools to nurture thriving, Spirit-filled congregations. As a result, these pastors lead churches that not only grow numerically but also become transformative forces for positive change in their villages, cities, and ultimately, their nation.

They understand the knowledge, power & work of the Holy Spirit

A deep, biblical understanding of the Holy Spirit's role in ministry and Christian life, goes beyond mere theory to practical application. This Spirit-empowered approach enables graduates to lead their congregations into dynamic, transformative experiences in God's presence, resulting in churches that are not just growing numerically, but also in spiritual depth and Kingdom impact.

They are less likely to succumb to ungodly temptation that results in many damaged lives. 

Pastors receive a deep, biblical foundation and practical tools for maintaining spiritual integrity, empowering them to stand firm against temptations that could derail their ministries. This robust spiritual formation not only protects the pastors themselves but also safeguards their congregations, preventing the widespread damage that often results from leadership failures and moral compromises.

ELIM Graduates Are Changing Kenya!


Pastor Paul Tawo


Pastor David Ouma

Academic Dean &


Pastor Fred Ochieng

Dean of Students & Instructor

Pastor Mark Orwa

Co-Prayer Coordinator &


Evangelist Jackline Ahawo


Co-Prayer Coordinator &


Pastor Tabitha Awuor

Meet The ELIM Theological Institute Team

ELIM Pastors Need Your Help

  • $50 trains a pastor for one month

  • $100 trains a pastor for two months

  • $250 trains a pastor for five months

  • $600 trains a pastor for one year

Pastor John, called by God, works multiple jobs but earns less than $5 per week.

Without formal theological training, he struggles to protect his people from dangerous beliefs.


John dreams of a theological education to break unbiblical teachings that threaten his community. He weeps, thinking he'll never get the education he needs.


Your gift can send pastors like John to school, replacing his tears with dreams of the better world they're building because of you.

Will you change John’s future?

Thank you!

Daniel & Mary Beth Gilbert

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