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  • Dr. Daniel Gilbert

Joy's Journey: Empowered to Lead, Serve and Transform

A woman named Joy is reading and studying her Bible.
Joy loves learning from God's Word.

Joy, a dedicated teacher at her local church in Kenya, has a deep passion for ministering to children. Joy has faithfully poured into the next generation for years. But she longs to do even more. 

She is doing amazing things even though she was forced from school at the sixth grade. 

Driven by a hunger to better understand God's Word and teach it effectively, Joy loves to learn at ELIM Theological Institute, the Bible school run by EmPowered Living. Here, Joy is receiving sound biblical training to combat unbiblical teachings that can crush people's dignity and damage whole communities. 

Through her studies, Joy is being equipped not only to be a more effective teacher, but also to become a influential leader in her church and community. EmPowered Living believes that proper theological training empowers influencers like Joy to be godly change agents in their villages and regions.

Furthermore, Joy is learning how sound theology motivates believers to put their faith into action by loving and serving others. With her growing biblical knowledge, she mobilizes her community to meet practical needs through initiatives like clean water access, education, healthcare, women's empowerment, and more.

Joy's commitment to learning and spiritual growth is inspiring. The Lord will use the training she's receiving to transform her ministry and multiply her impact. As Joy is empowered to lead, serve and live out the Gospel, she will be a catalyst for powerful change - in her own family, in her church, and in her community. 

Like Joy, EmPowered Living is dedicated to equipping leaders to break cycles of poverty and bring holistic transformation. God will use Joy and other EmPowered Living graduates to build His Kingdom and strengthen communities across Kenya.

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