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From Generational Poverty to Generational Impact: Kenyan Pastor Paul Tawo's Story

Updated: May 8

Kenyan Pastor Otieno Tawo in his cap and gown.
Kenyan Pastor Paul Tawo in his cap and gown.

"Survival was so hard, especially in terms of food, clothing, and education." These words from Kenyan Pastor Paul Tawo sum up the stark realities of his childhood in western Kenya.

Born into a polygamous family of 19 children, Paul faced unimaginable obstacles from a young age.

Paul shares, "Poverty had taken root due to a generational curse. At times we would have only one meal a day. Something like a balanced diet was unheard of."

The scarcity extended beyond food. "Education became so hard that sometimes me and my siblings had to repeat classes, not because we had performed poorly, but simply because there was no money to take us to another level."

But even amid lack, Paul displayed remarkable resilience and faith. He excelled in his studies, often ranking at the top of his class. However, after primary school, his dreams of further education seemed out of reach. "I couldn't join a high school due to lack of school fees," he recalls. "This happened twice. I had to repeat the final class."

But God had a plan for Paul's life. He eventually made it to high school, where a powerful encounter with the Gospel changed everything. Paul surrendered his life to Christ, breaking free from the generational curses that had plagued his family.

This pivotal decision set Paul on a transformational trajectory. He went on to Bible College and then served faithfully in ministry for many years. However, he longed to be better equipped to handle God's Word. That's when he connected with Dr. Daniel Gilbert and EmPowered Living International Ministries.

Through EmPowered Living's partnership, Paul received sound biblical training that took his ministry to new depths. He also played a key role in launching ELIM Theological Institute, a school dedicated to equipping village pastors with a robust theological foundation.

As a leader at ELIM, Paul has witnessed the ripple effect of empowered leaders. Pastors are being trained to break unbiblical mindsets, lead with integrity, and minister to the whole person. They are becoming catalysts for change in their communities.

On a personal level, Empowered Living's support has touched every area of Paul's life. From leadership development to practical provision during difficult seasons, the ministry has been a lifeline. Paul testifies, "EmPowered Living International Ministries has been of great help to me."

Paul's story is a beautiful picture of God's redemptive work. Through EmPowered Living's investment in his life, Paul has been equipped to break the chains of poverty and step into his Kingdom calling. Now, he is empowering others to experience the same wholeness and impact.

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