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Bringing Hope and Transformation to Kenya's Interior: Rev. Paul and Vivian O'Chieng's Story

Updated: May 14

Kenyan Pastor Paul at his house
Kenyan Pastor Paul O'Chien

In the remote villages of Kenya, access to sound biblical teaching and basic necessities can often feel out of reach.

For the past 11 years, EmPowered Living has been partnering with local leaders Rev. Paul and Vivian O'Chieng to bring hope and transformation to these underserved communities.

Rev. Paul and Vivian, who have been married for 23 years and have four children, serve as the Senior Pastors of Word Christian Centre. They also oversee two branch churches in rural Kenya, as well as Word Academy and Ebenezer Children's Home.

In 2012, a divine encounter brought Paul together with Dr. Daniel Gilbert of EmPowered Living. It marked a turning point in his ministry. Through ELIM Theological Institute, the pastors and leaders under Rev. Paul and Vivian's care have received life-changing biblical training.

Rev. Paul shares, "ELIM Theological Institute has been a divine intervention brought to us by God through Dr. Daniel Gilbert. By access to the teachings, prayers, guidance, discipleship, and mentorship, a great transformation has taken place in our lives and churches as well."

In addition to spiritual support, EmPowered Living provides practical assistance to Ebenezer Children's Home, which cares for vulnerable children, including orphans and those rescued from domestic violence. The ministry has helped supply food, water tanks, a furnished kitchen, and a modern girls' bathroom.

EmPowered Living has also been a lifeline for Word Academy, a school serving 465 underprivileged students. This year, the ministry has provided monthly food supplies for both the school and children's homes.

Rev. Paul and Vivian's story beautifully illustrates the holistic impact of EmPowered Living's partnership with local leaders. When pastors are equipped with sound theology and vital community programs are resourced, transformation happens from the inside out.

As Rev. Paul reflects, "On behalf of myself, my community, and family, we say thank you to all partners of EmPowered Living International." This gratitude is a testament to the tangible difference the EmPowered Living giving community is making in some of Kenya's most underserved areas.

Empowered leaders create empowered communities. Thanks to our donors for coming alongside local champions like Rev. Paul and Vivian O'Chieng to bring Gospel hope and practical help. Through these strategic partnerships, villages are renewed, families are restored, and a generation is empowered to break cycles of poverty.

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